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Monday, October 23, 2017
innovative event planning & strategic management

we deliver success

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we bring together the following essential elements to transform your event and deliver the results you need to increase attendance, improve ROI, elevate consumer engagement, and strengthen your brand reputation. 

the madi-mode 

this is not just a list of capabilities, it’s a carefully designed, integrated, and focused approach to delivering impactful live experiences. live media is the most powerful vehicle available to any brand or organization. madivents utilizes effective live conference and event design, marketing, advertising, media, and communication strategies to produce a uniquely innovative and disruptive experience that delivers immediate impact and long-term results.

audience development

the first consideration of any live media experience is the audience. every audience is different, and madivents has a dedicated research and insights team that has developed a proprietary approach to uncovering the unique qualities and needs of event audience segments.   it involves gathering more than just demographic information on the audience. we dig deeper to explore economic, behavioral, geographic, firmographic and attitudinal aspects of the addressable audience that drive participation and engagement.

goals and objectives

  • develop actionable audience personas
  • define audience mindsets, behaviors and attitudes
  • redirect event objectives, tactics and decision-making from association stakeholders’ opinions to empirical audience drivers

experience creation

audiences carry incredible consumer product expectations into their live event experiences. an engaging experience is the new price of entry for any product or brand seeking to attract, engage, and retain customers.

goals and objectives

  • wow and amaze the audience
  • create a consistent, purposeful and integrated experience across all touch points
  • align the event to deliver on strategic objectives/purpose
  • connect the event to the audience – intellectually and emotionally
  • improve member retention
  • improve word-of-mouth position 
  • appeal to larger audience
  • align organization around brand
  • improve attendee relevance and engagement
  • galvanize and celebrate the event and participants
  • increase revenue and profit
  • improve brand regard
  • inspire a movement


even with a great product that appeals to an audience and a great brand, the conditions have to be set for a sale. madivents positions clients’ offerings to connect with their audiences to drive event attendance and engagement.

goals and objectives

  • increase attendance
  • increase revenue
  • establish a new/clear premium position in the market
  • align internal stakeholders around marketing plan
  • identify and speak to the right audiences
  • create targeted messaging
  • increase budgeting efficiency
  • improve marketing ROI
  • amplify internal marketing resources
  • create a compelling call for action
  • introduce a comprehensive plan


a brand is a promise. every touch point is a reflection of your brand. madivents helps you transform your brand by taking a deep dive into what your brand represents.

goals and objectives

  • increase brand awareness and regard
  • create an impactful position and visual identity
  • present a unified voice across all touch points
  • align the visual identity and language with the experience
  • create a clear product connection with the audience
  • appeal to a larger set of customers / more diverse audience
  • foster greater organization, integration and alignment around the brand
  • improve the perception of brand relevance with priority participants
  • create greater interest, preference, loyalty and emotional connection